My .bak files have the wrong icon

Hi friends

A bit of a strange problem that likely doesn’t have anything to do with Cubase per se, but I’m hoping you can help.

In my Cubase project folders, along with my main project files with the .cpr extension (call one of them Funk Tune) I have several .bak files called

Funk Tune-02
Funk Tune-03
Funk Tune-04

etc etc. Some projects in this folder have 10 such backup files. The strange thing is - these files all bear the icon of another program I use (Guitar Pro). They are even called ‘Guitar Pro 7 Document’ in the File Type column.

[EDIT: I now see that all .bak files in every Cubase project folder are now showing the Guitar Pro icon]

I tried searching and I know I can set Windows to open a particular file type with a particular program…but clearly both Guitar Pro and Cubase generate .bak files. In the past, my .bak files in my Cubase projects folders all had the familiar Cubase icon.

Should I be concerned? I am assuming that it sort of doesn’t matter, and a .bak file will be opened by the program that created it, regardless of the icon that’s showing?

If not, how do I make it so that Cubase .bak files have a Cubase icon, but Guitar Pro .bak files have a Guitar Pro icon?

Just an FYI…

My Cubase .bak files are not associated to open with any program. So the icon is blank. When I need to open a Cubase .bak file I change the file extension on the .bak file I want to open to .cpr. Then Cubase opens it with no issue.

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If you open the .bak file from inside Cubase it should work fine. But I suspect if you double-click the file it will try to open it with Guitar Pro because that’s what Windows associates the file type with. You can right+click the file and use Open With to change the association. But you can only associate it with one program (or none like Prock) and the icon will reflect that choice.