My client has a strange request

She wants to put 10 WAV files in one giant file but she wants to have the names of each file appear on the screen as the person is playing it. Not sure if WL even can do this and how do I go about it? Thanks in advance.

On screen? WaveLab does not generate video files.

No I think Thomas means the GUI on streamers or media players.

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@Thomas_W_Bethel by random chance, I just had the same request! There must be something trending on the internets …

I can’t think of a way to do other than use track markers … which will be useless as these and other metadata are ‘stripped’ on upload to the streamers.

If you’re planning on any specific media player, some will spit out the “unsynced lyrics” tag which can be timed when using mp3. Using something like mp3 tagger, you could add the track name / info as timed lyrics.

But surely the answer is to just make a playlist.

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Thanks Phil … unfortunately my project is going to a major label and would have to play ‘universally’ without hiccup. That said, I don’t think it’s an idea coming from the label.

I’m not sure what you mean? Play universally?

Do you mean it needs to be gapless? On any media player?

Or a specific known media player will be used to play the project?

Perhaps supply a bit more specific info.

I mean play on any media player, all streamers, you name it … without any consumer having an issue anywhere in the world no matter what they are trying to play it on… The typical expectation of labels ha ha.

And yes … gapless AND display the part 2 track name.

I really don’t think it can be done and I am currently in discussion with the clients. I only mentioned this at all because @Thomas_W_Bethel had by chance posted about the same thing.

Hi Paul,

Ok thanks for the info, I am with you now. I think you are right, not really possible.

Closest would be my Unsynced lyrics idea I think, but this would rely on end users displaying lyrics.

Just in case you are interested how it works. Unsynced lyrics are a tag that is added to (usually mp3) and the format would be like this [MM:SS:MS]

[00:00.00]INTRO CHOIR
[00:30.00]Piano Intro

[00:45.00]Verse 1 lyrics go here


So you could, with a huge single track, do this:

[00:00.00]SONG TITLE A
[00:05.00]Produced by James T Kirk
[00:10.00]Mastering by Locutos of Borg

[05:20.00]SONG TITLE B
[05:25.00]Produced by James T Kirk
[05:30.00]Mastering by Jon Luc


But that is the best I can think of.

For live streamers displaying playlists, usually it will be a VLC playlist using an OBS plugin so that doesn’t really seem to be an option.


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Tell more write a sheet/picture/paint or text how it suppose to look like…

regards S-EH

Thanks all … it’s been resolved by the client and A&R … it is not happening (and I don’t think it could have anyways). In case you’re interested the plan now is to upload the ‘consolidated’ track as one … a kind of artistic exercise. Plus two radio edits so that third party playlists can add them.

Thanks. for the information.

I think, after talking to my videographer, that it would be best to do this as a video with the title displayed as a video as the track is playing. A couple of problems. 1) This grouping of songs is about an hour long so the video file will be large. 2) If we try and use some compressed format then the audio will not be the best quality.

I think this client thinks that because the titles show up on her CD player in her car that somehow the titles are imbedded in the music and will show up on the person’s computer while they are playing the song.

Never an easy go with people and them not understanding technology.

Thanks again…

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