My Cubase 10 and 10-5 licences have been erased from my Steinberg account during upgrade!

This is really taking it over the top.

After my Cubase 11 upgrade licensing has been pending for hours and I had no other choice than “repair” the pending update, finally the repair passed through - and erased ALL my Cubase licences, not just from my stick, but from my Cubase account as well.

I’m FUMING with anger now, not being able to rewsach Steinberg phone support outside office times now here in Germany, and NOT wanting to hang in a cloud of unanswered Cubase 11 support emails waiting for answers for how many days???

This is just UNBELIEVALBLE CRAP from Steinberg!!!

probably just need to run maintenance once the servers have settled, you could have went for a walk instead of making another post to add to the 10 already visible.


  1. Maintenance CAUSED the problem, opposed to solving it.
  2. Obviously stick maintenance can’t bring back licences which disappeared from the online account altogether. Where is maintenance supposed to find that information???
  3. I made a new post for a new fact, after a) server problems and b) elicenser problems now c) account problems. Perhaps you are able to count to three?
  4. The only one who should go for a walk, opposed to stalking users receiving the really bad side of crappy Steinberg programming, is definitely you!

Have a nice walk!

I am sorry, but here is a REAL big problem! If not only the license is removed from the USB dongle, but ALSO from the MySteinberg account, you really have lost it. Maitenance will not work, because there is nothing to maintain. And there is nothing to recover. Unless there is some backup of all the credentials somewhere the license is gone forever.

I can only hope there is some proof of purchase (mail or paperwork, or some backup on the license server side) to prove you have actually bought Cubase, because otherwise it will be very hard to convince Steinberg you actually own any license at all.

Thanks, JClosed, I’m aware of this.

I probably have email confirmations of my license buys for two sticks in email archives. So I’m still confident to resolve the issues with Steinberg, but only after going through this heavy mess first, and then probably wasting lots of time with slow or hardly available Steinberg support during their new release period.

I wish you good luck.

I hope I will be a bit more fortunate, because I also have that scary “transfer pending” greyed-out license on my USB dongle. I still have the “old” license on the MySteinberg account, but I am honestly afraid to loose it if I do a “repair” or “Maintenance” action. The problem is that I cannot use either the “old” or “new” license to run Cubase on my computer. Effectively I cannot use anything at this moment.

why do you need your 10.5 license if you have 11???

You can still use 10.5 with an 11 license.

The “licence swap” is what’s failing so your v1-v10.5 licence is deleted or marked as being transfered (logically deleted) but the replacement v1-v11 licence is not being installed - leaving you with ALL versions of Cubase out of licence.

Nothing works, I upgraded to 11 (which doesn’t work and now am unable to load 10.5
Error 5.png

yea because the servers are swamped, so GO TAKE A WALK AND WAIT A BIT.

The point is not that they are trying to retain their 10.5 license. The problem is that you surrender your 10.5 license for the upgrade process, then end up with neither!

I have the same problem. How can the servers be swamped all day? There can’t be that many loyal Cubase users paying for this leap into the horrible unknown. What a fiasco.

So, just to be clear…I pay £85 pounds to upgrade my Cubase from 10.5 to 11, and now I can’t record, even though that was my schedule tonight? I don’t mind not having v11, but being left without a DAW is beyond acceptable. Soooo ANGRY

You should take a long walk along a short pier.

all my licenses have been deleted as well, this is crazy

That’s exactly the point.

Updates can be delayed, as everyone knows. But server problems should not (and I mean NEVER) even remotely be disabling your existing software versions. This is just a complete no go, and has to be strictly excluded, if necessary by rewriting the update routines.

I saw some hope though in another thread: it seems, that despite licences even vanishing from Steinberg online accounts altogether (which really is a horror for users, who must get the impression, that they will have to clarify their whole buying history with support, and not be able to use ANY of their bought Cubase versions until then), maybe they still can be retrieved by repairing/restoring within the elicenser. Maybe this issue can still be resolved without further support. It just may take hours before we can be sure.

The same has happened to me. Tried to register, which failed. The license status changed to ‘Transfer Pending’, which meant I had to run Recover. Recovery failed and wiped the 10.5 license from my USB dongle. What a mess. :imp:

On one of my dongles I was lucky to get elicenser repair working again after many efforts, and as I had read in another thread, it then finally retrieved my Cubase license to 11.
So the information, which seemed to be lost from both dongle and online customer account, seems not completely lost on Steinberg’s side, and can be re-installed.
It takes hours long patience, after a lot of incredible mess, but at least there seems to be a chance to get back to normal at some point.
Just wanted to encourage all of you still hanging in the air…

Me too.

I went in to upgrade from Cubase 10.0 to 10.5 with an upgrade I purchased a few months back, in order to purchase and then be able to upgrade to Cubase 11. During the elicenser authorisation and update process, the process stopped and crashed. Looking at the elicenser for the dongle concerned and got the ‘Transfer Pending’ message. I ran the elicenser maintenance program and it had then deleted my Cubase 10 license from off the dongle. I can’t even get into my my Steinberg account to see if it still shows in my account. What an utter mess - I can’t even use my old/own Cubase 10 that I’ve paid for! And any announcements from Steinberg to at least acknowledge a problem - no!

After a lot of efforts every 20 minutes or so, I finally got back the 10.5 licence on my second dongle, and when repair finally worked, it turned into an 11 licence, without requiring fresh install of the license key.
So some heads up to all of you: our licenses seem retrievable, despite vanishing both on the dongle sticks and in the online account.

I finally got 11 running on two dongle systems, and the first thing working is HiDPI, with a Windows 10 125% resolution setting. That’s the first time I can really enjoy Cubase without a looking glass on my HiRes monitor screens. That was VERY important to me. And there are some other really useful updates to explore as well.

I wish all of you to retrieve your scrapped licenses as well: at least you can be sure now to get them back by elicenser repair routines, at some point in time, hopefully soon!

Trying for hours, 10.5 is still gone and no sign of 11. I managed to take a screenshot of my Cubase 11 eLicenser code, I’m glad because I don’t see that anywhere.