My Cubase 6 couldn't be installed on Windows 10

Hi everybody,
As I updated my OS to windows 10, I wanted to reinstall my Cubase AI 6, and I do really need it. Last year when I bought the Yamaha THR10-C, I got the Cubase AI 6 in the package, and I installed in my previous Windows system (Seven) !
As it is a genuine program, duly registered and activated in the Steinberg portal, I really need your kind assistance.
Living in Morocco presently, I am a bit far from any Steinberg Assistance, can you please give a hand.
Thanks in advance and best regards to all.


Hi and welcome,

First of all, be aware, Cubase AI 6 is not officially compatible with Windows 10.

Could you provide more information, please? Where does it stop? If your Cubase is already installer, and you have problem with an Activation, go thru the Reactivation process, please.