my cubase 9,5 dosent start

i upgrade cubase 9.5 from cubase 9, its installed normally, but it dosent start


Please read this article.

i tried all thr forms . i still didnt get my choise

Try to rename your vstplugins folder and start Cubase. If this works you know you have an incompatible plugin.

Otherwise you must give more details about your system and exactly what happens when you try to launch Cubase.

First i used 9.0.0 64 bit Cubase. Then i bught the 9.5 ( update from 9 ) cubase , by downloading in the internet. I installed normally Cubase 9.5 update , when i tried to open it , it dosent started .It goes till - loading gui resourses - and stop. Sometimet I got - Soft e licencers dosent have enought permissions to run properly. Please run LCC to fix this problem.
My Cubase 9.0 works fine except Halion Sonic Se , AS FAR AS I UPDATE THE CUBASE 9.5.
When i open eLicencer Control , put my acivation number , it knows the Cubase 9.5 number but dosent let me to upgrade licence


the error with the Soft-eLicenser is usually solved by running the eLicenser Control Center with right-click -> Run as administrator, then perform the maintenance and close the software once completed.
If this does not help, you can remove it manually by deleting the SeLicenser.sel file from C:\ProgramData\Syncrosoft (you appear to have no licenses on the Soft-eLicenser, so it’s safe to delete).

If Cubase crashes (or just stops) loading GUI resources, I would guess you are running Windows 7: please make sure it is updated and this package is installed:

As per the Cubase Pro 9.5 - you already have a license for it, it was updated to 9.5 for free via the Grace Period when you downloaded the license for 9. If you purchased the update from 9 to 9.5, the order should be cancelled and the purchase refunded.

Thank a lot for your choise . I really thnx you .
My problem was with my windows 7. I update the package , and my Cubase open .