My Cubase 9 Elements HATES my Ew Composer Cloud VST

Is this the right place to beg for some hand-holding in getting my old Cubase sx3/Kontakt2 mind-set to work now that it is: A Windows 10 PC, Cubase 9 Elements and East West Composer Cloud license.

Following both Rack and Track attempts at loading a Hollywood Woodwind selection; Cubase appears to be sending MIDI from my M-Audio Keystation to ALL 16 tracks despite all tracks being assigned to their own channel number.

I loaded a Windows 7 driver for the M-Audio Keystation (being the most recent version) hoping it would work, but it made no difference. Even using the Virtual keyboard on Cubase 9, it ignores the track assignments and sends the keystrokes to all channels.

Using the Hollywood Instrument pop-up (Player 5), I tried all track assignments options without success.

It’s been years since I was familiar with my SX3 version, but now I’m retired - I want to play and play until my daddy takes the DAW away. I just need some preliminary coaching to get my head straight and Cubase firing on all 16 channels.
Is there a kind soul out there willing to launch me in the right direction.