My Cubase can't handle quick drums


First and foremost, I’m new to this. I’ve just recently started writing music and using Cubase. I’m having a blast this far! :slight_smile:

I use Cubase 5.1 and have a problem. I’m mainly writing movie-scores and trailer-music which obviously requires a lot of deep and heavy drums, to make it sound heroic. And I’m trying to do just that, write an epic piece that uses a lot of drums, but I’ve sadly been interrupted by a problem.

I use 3 different heavy drums that just keeps the pace going, and even if they’re of very high volume it works fine within Cubase. However, when I try to add a lighter tom that is hit relatively fast (it basically just pumps on and on with hits) I run into a problem. I import these drums through the usage of MIDI (written in Guitar Pro 5) and can choose between different VSTs etc without and problems, but when I try to play the piece with the fast toms it starts to crackle and decrepitate in the output of my headphones, and most of the sound of the drums dissapears. Cubase also becomes very slow during this and sometimes I takes a couple of seconds before I can even stop the music again.
However, if I mute the track with the quick drums, it runs just fine.

After a quick research I realised I was using the 32 Bit version of Cubase, even though my version of Win7 is 64 Bit. I’ve previously read that the 32 Bits version should work well with a 64 Bits OS, and even that it would handle VSTs better (might very well be misinformed).

I can also tell you that A TON OF my physical memory/RAM is being used while I use Cubase (reached 7,5GB used RAM, and I have a max of 8GB). I guess this might also be caused by the 32 Bits version?

So, to my main question;
Do I have to change to the 64 Bits version and install that instead, or is there any other solution to this problem? If I’m not mistaken the 64 Bits version should be available if I already have the 32 Bits, right?

Thanks in advance!

Sounds like the main problem may be a restriction of the instruments polyphony due to rapid repeating of the same note.

To be honest it’s not even very fast. :confused:
My song is in 120BPM, and there are approximately 9 drum hits per beat. (This changes a little bit over time, but shouldn’t be more than 10).

Cubase 32 bit does work well with Win7 64 bit however, your cubase is not using 7.5GB of ram. Cubase 32 bit is limited to 3.- to 4GB of ram and that may be your problem. If your song is asking for more ram, you have 2 choices.
Either install and run Cubase 64 bit or download and install Jbridge which will allow you to use 2GB of ram per vst, even on the 32 bit version. If you have Cubase 32 bit, you would also have the 64 bit version on the same install dvd.

What drum VSTi?

Aloha G,

IMHO If you want to keep doing this
it is time to up-grade. (hardware and DAW)

Thanks for the response. I’ll try Jbridge :slight_smile:

I just started and I’ll look to buy more RAM in the following weeks, and later progress into a overall better setup.
When you say I should upgrade DAW, do you mean to a later version of Cubase, or move away from Cubase to something else? If so, what program would you suggest?

Thanks in advance.

You posted:

I use Cubase 5.1

If you machine will handle it. give the C7 trial/demo a try.
If your machine can’t handle it, IMHO it is time to get one that can.

This does not have to be a very expensive move.
Many current modest middle-of-the-road machines (Windows PC’s desk and laptops)
can handle C7 (Macs’ trend more expensive).

check specs here:

HTH (hope this helps)

My machine can handle C7, just haven’t updated yet as I’m short on money (student life is wonderful, isn’t it?). But you mainly just suggest me to get Cubase 7?

What large differences are there between C5 and C7?

Thank you for your answers. :slight_smile:

Check here:


Thank you! I’ll definitely look to upgrade soon enough.