my cubase le5 doesn't have the vst instuments

i have cubase le5 which i just got and i just got ezdrummer and when i go to use ezdrummer there is no vst instuments when i device there’s no vst instuments please help.


i,M having the same problem, i have a Maschine that i wasn’t to route with Cubase, but idk how to cuz there isn’t any VSt instrument? what other ways can do this?

You need to find the .dll file for your vst instrument and copy it into the vst folder eg c:/program files/steinberg/cubase le/vstplugins

Is it possible in AI/LE to use the Plugin Information under Devices to choose the path to the instrument?

i’ve done that but when i hit the devices button and scoll down there’s no vst instuments to click,just vst plug-ins and vst connections.

VSTi’s should be listed under the same ‘VST PlugIns’ tab as the other plugins.

As Bane suggested, press the ‘VST 2.x Plug-in Paths’ (or whatever it’s labeled in your version) button and add your instrument’s folder there. If no button on your version of Cubase, look at the plugin list’s ‘Path’ column, find out where Cubase excepts your plugins to be located and copy your VSTi files there.

And, after you choose the path through VST 2.x Plug-in Paths, don’t forget to press Update. Duh! :mrgreen:

I have followed everyone’s instructions above. What I need help with now is how to open and run the plugins. I can’t seem to find the list of plugins like HALionONE outside of the ‘Device --> Plugin Information’ screen. I’m assuming such a list exists in some form under some menu option somewhere in the software. How do get there and active my plugins for usage? Thanks.

If I’m reading you correctly, you have your plugins installed correctly and Cubase recognizing them. For VST effects, you can access them from the inspector, clicking the arrow under Inserts, and selecting your plugin. As for VSTi’s, you’ll need to select Add a Instrument (or MIDI) Track and choose the instrument from the next window. You could also choose the VST Instrument Rack, and add it much like an effect. Certain plugins (especially freeware) have problems when you open them, which is another story.