My Cubase Pro 13 License suddenly dissapeared

I was working on a project, I closed Cubase, when i went back to open it. It said “No Valid Licenses found”. I uninstalled e-licensor, pulled the dongle, reinstalled e-lic. ,reattached dongle, ran maintenance, nope, it is gone, yet when I log into my account, it shows Cubase 13 is in my account and activated. Im dead in the water today.


Cubase 13 is not using eLicenser anyore. How does it look like in the Steinberg Activation Manager, please?

I went into Activation Manager, and there it was ,Activated. But,I still dont understand why last night, upon repeated attempts to open Cubase, I was denied, and it said No Valid License. I will hope it does not happen again.

It happened to me one time with Cubase Artist 12…I had to do the same thing: to update “Activation Manager”