My Cubase PRO 9.5 isnt working with more than 2 audio outputs, please help)

I have a stable and powerful PC, UR824 interface, and i want to do an exterrnal FX bus manually. I did an audio connection settings correctly, but still dont have a sound.

Track with dry guitar signal ->
3rd output (names UR824 Mix2 L) ->
Guitar stomp ->
7th mono input (UR824 Mono in 7) ->

What i have problem with?

Hi and welcome,

Please, what is the problem? What is your expectation?

If you do setup like this, you have to send the dry signal via Send to the UR824 Mix2 L. Don’t forget to setup the Send Level and Enable the Send. And you need an Audio Track with Mono in 7 input, which is Monitor enabled, to hear the wet signal coming back to Cubase.

Of course, you can record this wet signal too. If you don’t record it, you have to Export > Audio Mixdown in real-time, after, to get the wet signal to your project.