My Cubasis Video Workflow/Cubase 7 Import

Hi everyone,

I’ve been really excited with the prospect of “sketching out” a musical idea in Cubasis while traveling/away from my project studio and then flushing this out once I’m situated in Cubase 7 for a final mix.

I had a go at taking a thrash metal guitar riff tracked to a click, sketching out basic drums, and then importing into Cubase 7 for deep control over augmenting parts and making a full mix.

In the process of making this video tutorial/workflow I discovered the wifi browser upload tool. Ingenious! This is much easier than importing via iTunes, etc.

Anyways, it’s always helpful for me to see first hand how people approach writing music so I hope this helps inspire others or discover new ways to use the growing feature set in Cubasis. Any comments are pointers are greatly welcomed!