My dream for future Dorico

I come from notion and Sibelius and let me tell you how happy I am with Dorico.
Thank you so much to all the developping team for making such an amazing step forward!
It has changed my working life already.

I have a dream for the future Dorico.

The Daw capacity of Dorico is wonderful but we are far from Cubase pro 12.

I dream of a link between Dorico and Cubase to make them work together on the same file.
Like Presonus did with notion inside studio one.
Okay, BS+BS=BS, I don’t want to go back there, ever.
But the idea is great. To get the best of the two worlds.

Frequently, I need to split work between Dorico and Cubase and it’s time consuming and frustrating. I miss Dorico in Cubase and Cubase in Dorico.
My dream would be the ultimate killing solution with both working together.
This is my dream.
After all, you are both Steinberg, aren’t you?


You’re by far not the first or the only one who expressed this desire, and the Dorico development team is well aware of it. Dorico already shares Cubase’s audio engine, and it’s not unlikely that further connections will be possible in the future. However, I think Dorico will remain focused on (high-level) music notation for the time being, and not become a full substitute for Cubase or another DAW.
(Disclaimer: I’m just a user, I’ve no idea of any of Steinberg’s secret plans).

We live in hope. See this thread from a few weeks ago: Usage of Dorico 4 and Cubase 12 at the same time - #30 by Grainger2001

Thank you for the thread.

Very interesting.

Yes, an easy back and forth link would be a very nice way to do it.
Presonus managed it, so I am confident that Steinberg has the resources to pull this through.

This would make it the ultimate worstation.