My dream request list

-Top feature request: Plain and simple. I want Fl studio’s piano roll tools in Cubase. Bar none. Fl studio has the best Piano roll of all DAW’s with multitude of tools to get you to edit your midi consciously or randomly. There are a few features of it in Cubase but it is lacking several. That would be a FL studio crusher if you ask me.

-Oh i wish the cubase channel strip would work more like ableton’s or bitwig’s and not be limited to a small amount of slots. There is something very ergonomic and time saving with Ableton’s ( devices area or whatever the heck it is called ) where you can see you effects in real time and tweak them in real time versus other daws where you constantly have to move back and forth in the interface when you tweak. The channel strip should be exactly like in Ableton. There i have said it. No more limitations. Everything left to right, stackable in the way they affect each other and tweakable on the go. no more going back and forth between windows.

-Groove agent needs some old emulation package 808 and 909 packages. I know you can make them but it would be nice if Cubase would sell some old school edm packages.

-A better retro synth than retrologue or at least a redesign of it where you can skin it and modify the modules like Uhe diva. I am a mini moog fanatic and would love to have this console view in retrologue but sadly it is not possible to quickly emulate a pure moog in retrologue. Too many doodads and sliders to figure out and ad and remove to the equation.

-Patcher from Fl studio or Bitwig polygrid would be an awesome feature to include. The abaility to mix and match things would great. Yes i know i know. you can combine stuff in Halion but again it is not full intuitive and requires a lot of knowledge about the synth and how it works versus mixing and matching stuff and coming up with things you would never dream of otherwise.

-Perhaps some sort of step sequencer feature to easily program some background noise.

-Beat maker needs a big overhaul and new features added to it. It is missing many “Je ne sais quoi” . You are looking for it, you cannot see it and find it but you know it is missing.

-Many of the effect are not intuitive enough. As a noob you end up twisting knobs and hoping for the best or some magic accident to happen but most of the time you have to reset. Hard to define but maybe renaming stuff in the interface would help more to understand the tools?

I was wondering about 808 and 909 kits especially.
Should I understand there is really no kits should they be from factory or 3rd party?
I’d love to reproduce some of my tracks to Cubase and I need such kit.
I’m also an FL Studio user and they provide those kits with the DAW.
It’s too soon for me to tell if FLS piano roll would be great. I’d rather say it is time to get to know the tool.
I don’t understand Ableton and never tried bitwig so I can’t tell what’s so useful, however I can tell it is not intuitive enough to me. That sounds like a drawback to me actually.
Retrologue is a nice piece of software. There are tons of 3rd party software out there and you seem to have some names in mind. Just go for it. My personal favourite being Arturia Pigments.
Yes, patcher is one of the feature I like best in FLS. I’d second that.