My E-Licenser Won't Recognize HALion 6 or Sonic 3

I trialed the original Dorico some time ago, and I had an issue of no sound playing when I went to play my composition. I downloaded the HALion Symphonic Orchestra at the time, but when I played my composition, sound came out, but it always had the same tinny quality. I am having a similar issue now with my new trial of Dorico Pro 2. No sound is being played, but when I download and install HALion 6 and HALion Sonic 3, the download and installation goes fine, but again, no sound plays. Also, the options are not available on my list of VST instruments to use, and when I try to open them, my e-licenser tells me that I don’t have the licenses for either HALions. Can someone help? I’m just trying to play my sound!