My EQ on inspector doesn’t pic

Yo, I’m new here to the community. Look I have a bit of a problem. My EQ on inspector doesn’t pic but it does show some freq on edit channel settings. How can I fix that?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Are you talking about Cubase 13?

Are you on Windows or Mac? Which version?

Could you attach a screenshot?

What does this mean?

Cubase 13 & I’m on Windows

Pardon me if I don’t get the jargon right but for instance when the kick is playing you can see real-time on the freq spectrum Inspector(EQ) that there are some frequencies happening there. So I just noticed that in order for me to see & use the EQ I just have to click on the frequency box. So my question was is there a way to turn in on just for me not to click that box. Cubase 12 was okay now lot of things changed on 13

Processing: IMG_20231118_164150.jpg…I meant it doesn’t peak on real time so in order for me to see the frequencies I have to click on that frequency box. I wanted to know if it can be turned on with out me clicking the box in order to eq


I would say, this is the known issue, described in the Release Notes.

Dam, a lot has changed but thanks for the heads up

The mixer window and the channel inspector now share the same component, I guess.
(At least it looks the same)
The small EQ curves have no RTA display in the mixer. To calculate 40 EQ RTA displays for the mixer view, to have it visible all the time would stress the CPU too much, for no reason.
So it is available on opening the EQ window only.
Maybe the functionality for the inspector will come back in a maintenance update.

Yeah tha’s what I thought, they’re trying to save CPU but none the less it looks pretty cool