My existing inserts won't drop into direct offline processing

For the life of me I can’t get my inserts for mixing into direct offline processing, and my project’s at a standstill cuz I don’t have enough RAM to continue sidechaining with all of the vsts I’m using. I have the DOP window open and when I drag from the “Mix Console” or the “Inspector” window, it doesn’t detect that I’m dragging an insert into the DOP workflow. If you look at the screenshot it shows that the insert won’t highlight when I drag it over and acts like I’m trying to delete it. Pls help!

DOP is a different thing. It’s not a replacement for insert effects.
Not all Plugins support drag and drop to DOP.

Why do you think it should be possible to render an insert with side chain in offline mode?
There is no side chain available without playback.

My music teacher who’s been using cubase since forever is baffled that it’s not working. I use the same plugins he recommends for mixing workflow, and he can get them to drag and drop into DOP(direct offline processing) although I can’t. Theoretically, according to my teacher, I should be able to drag my insert workflow into DOP and render it all out, that way I can free up RAM and continue the mixing process, which I’m almost finished with. I’m getting 128gb of ram tomorrow, so I won’t need to do this as much anymore, but still this process should work the way my teacher described.

Yes, it’s not a replacement for inserts, but it is necessary in this case, as I’ve already carved up a well-balanced mix and just need to finish sidechaining, clipping, and reverb. My current RAM setup won’t permit me to go further so it’s paramount that I figure this out.


This is not possible with DOP.
Side chains need playback. DOP works without playback. That’s why it is called offline.

I’m not sidechaining in DOP, I’m just putting my existing mix inserts in DOP

examples would be saturation, eq, compression, additive eq, etc. Obviously I have to do my sidechaining live, it’s just my existing inserts are quite RAM-consuming, so it’s preventing me from sidechaining.

Really? I don’t think so.
A plugin is too resource hungry, I guess.
But, why not freezing a track without side chaining?

Seems like Render In Place would be a better fit for what you are trying to accomplish. It’s designed to bake your inserts into the Audio (or not if you don’t want to want).

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Okie dokie, I’ll give that a try