My first mix ever !

Hi there !

I’m new to this forum and new to music production ! Actually not really new since I’m a musician and recorded several times in studio, but now I’m trying to do my own mixes.
So for now I don’t have any material except Cubase Elements. I’m mixing through my headphones (which I know is not the best at all hahah) and only with Cubase’s VSTs. I will get all the must have’s soon, but I couldn’t wait a few more months before getting started with practice so…

I picked this free multitracks and tried some stuff ! The effects I used were mostly EQ (only as “what sounds better”, I don’t have any knowledge about the archetypes of EQ for the different instruments), reverb and delay, maximizer for the events that sound a bit too weak, distorsion for guitars… I also tried to make the volumes and pan balanced. I tried some compressions too, but I think I need way more theory on this, because at least for this mix I couldn’t hear the difference when I used it on different tracks.
Despite the fact that I followed the advice of a friend to put a limiter at -0.2 on the mix track, I feel like there is a crack at the begining of the song. I can’t figure out why. Also it sounds different once exported.

Maybe this will sound like absolute garbage to you hahah I just hope that you will give me some useful advices anyway. I feel like there is a huge amount of new stuff to learn, and most of all that there is some things I’m not even aware of yet, so these are the things I want to learn. I’m opened to everything !

Up ! :slight_smile:

short but sweet!

Sounds pretty good. I think the vocals are a little far back. Maybe bring them up a hair.

Hi Mr. Metal, for a first try, you are obviously learning fast.