My first page template works fine with parts, but won't appear on score

The title says it all; I have a score for a horn trio, and the parts all use the First Page Template, but the score doesn’t. I’ve done dozens of pieces in Dorico (I’ve used it since v. 1.0) and never had this happen before. I’m sure I’ve done something stupid, but I have searched topics here, and I can’t find anything.

My Layout Options appear to be correct.

Any ideas?


Lew Buckley

Hi Lew!

Do you have any overrides on the relevant page? Have you double-checked the template is actually correct? Most importantly… can you upload your project? (I could have checked these questions already for you).

Check the Page Templates. This can happen if somehow the First and default Page Templates are using a different frame chains.

Nope, no overrides. And the template is correct — all it has on it is a frame with the ProjectTitle in it and another with the ProjectComposer. Neither of those appears on the actual page.

I’ll try to upload the project — haven’t done that in so long I’ve forgotten how, but I’ll figure it out.

Thanks for trying on insufficient information.

The First and Default templates are both using frame MA/1.

Thanks for your suggestion.

OK, figured it out, and both your answers played a part in it. The problem was that for some reason, there was no music frame in the First Page Template. When I drew in a music frame and made sure that it used the same frame chain (it was a different chain when I initially drew it in), the projectTitle and projectComposer appeared as desired.

I’ve never done anything with frame chains in any of the many compositions and arrangements I’ve done in Dorico, so this was entirely new territory for me. I didn’t know anything about them, so, I really didn’t know how to use them or, more importantly, check their accuracy.

As always, THANK YOU to for participating in this always-helpful forum.

Lew Buckley

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