My first production with Cubase: "Boots to A$$es" (Metal)

I finally got my dream DAW that I’ve always wanted: Cubase. Absolutely loving it. Here is my first production, a short metal groove I titled after one of my favorite pro wrestlers (The Rock), “Boots to A$$es”. Any constructive criticism is welcome as it could only help in the future. I’m also hoping I could get some feedback on the mixing job, as I want to get better at that.

It’s certainly a good start. Tight as hell, good guitar tone - Good balance in the mix - I’d love to hear this develop into
something more complete!
Waddaya say? :slight_smile:

Thank you! I’ve been thinking about turning this into a full track, actually. Maybe I’ll give it a try. :slight_smile:

Sounds great but what’s it for?..needs developing into a song IMHO…Kevin

Yeah, great for a first production, and so addictive, you should really make this into a full length song. Michael.

Sounds really good man. You definitely have that tone down! Like everyone else said, you should make it into a full piece. Add a theme and get it to the next level, you already know how to make it sound good!

Agreed! It sounds very tight.

That rawks! :laughing: No seriously, sounds good

WOW! Thanks for the all positivity, people! Mucho appreciated! I’ll turn this into a full track in the near future. Once things settle down.