My first release...

Be Gentle. It’s my first time. :laughing:

The song itself is fairly basic. Open for candid and constructive criticism.
What I think you might say…

  1. Too much bass in the 90-100 Hz range?
  2. Not enough “Air”?
  3. Duck the bass under the kick?
  4. Can’t hear the cymbals enough?

I hope you like it though…

Sounds pretty good. I thought the first synth, the first guitar solo, and the second synth solo were all tad too loud – note how for example the drums kind of fade into the background during the first guitar solo

I really like the extended middle part without drums

Hi Jaslan,

the bass is certainly big thru my system here and could do with some
bottom reduction. Given its prominence in the
arrangement it grabs as much attention as any of the lead parts.

The kick is not defined, and at times I was struggling to even detect it.

The lead lines, especially the first synth one, could be lowered in volume
I think and I don’t think insufficient “air” is a problem. Rather, I’d be
shaving it off those parts as they got a bit razory after a while.

The drums and riddum guitar are clearly quite roomy, but the lead
parts aren’t. Not necessarily a bad thing of course, but it does make
them stand a tad more proud in the mix so I found myself quite aware
I was listening to overdubs rather than something seductively organic.
Hope that makes sense.

I could comment on the composition and arrangement, but not sure if
you want remarks along those lines.

Hope some of this feedback is helpful!


I sincerely appreciate the helpful comments. Thanks for taking the time to listen.
I was pretty sure the bass was too much. I guess I played it like a 20 ft. putt. I wanted to make sure it had the distance. I can also hear the lead lines getting a little shrill at times (especially the second half of the guitar solo with the wah effect.) I think I got them too loud trying to get them over the rhythm guitar (see below).

When you say “quite roomy” do you mean too much reverb or ambience or do you mean just too bold or thick in general?
I didn’t overdub any parts but I did use the Studio Chorus on the rhythm guitar and I also used the Stereo Enhancer plug-in on the output channel. Perhaps this is causing the overdubbed sound? Maybe I should remove them so I can focus on getting the EQ and basics right first? I do like the thick sound of the rhythm guitar but maybe I should bypass the chorus during the leads so that the rhythm guitar doesn’t take attention from the lead?

I do welcome your comments on the composition and arrangement. I do realize that it is a pretty simple piece. My primary focus here is to keep the number of instruments and complexity to a manageable level while I learn to produce a track that has a sound quality that is… well… I won’t say professional (for now) but… at least NOT amateur.
Thanks again,

I may have confused you. Yes, the drums and r.gtr are in a space
but the lead parts are not, so they sound more present and, therefore,
less glued to the backing. Maybe you could experiment with the
ambience and see what happens if they each share it.

I understand what you’re trying to do in terms of getting the project
right, so good luck with it. Unlike Doug, I found the piece overly long
and were it mine I’d take the editor’s big red pencil to it. But that’s
just my opinion.



Hello Jaslan,

As I am another “newbie” to this site I would just like to say how much I liked your track! My first C6 track was a lot sparser than yours so well done!

I cant give you much constructive feedback on the mix because I am still learning the ropes in that area. I am interested in how long it took you to put the track together though, as well as what equipment (guitars etc.) you are using?

Keep up the good work my friend!


Thanks for the tips Jet. I Backed off the reverb a bit and tried to get the lead instruments to blend better. I also tried to reduce the shrillness of the leads lines and completely removed the “talking lead” after the guitar solo (which I never really liked anyway, it was just filling space). I still think the song is too long and have been thinking about what to do with it. I am deployed in southwest asia at the moment and can’t re-record any guitar parts. But when I get home I will re-attack the song.

For Jim,
Thanks for the compliment. I am glad you like it. I use an Ibanez semi-hollow body (335 style) guitar plugged directly into Cubase. The bass is also an Ibanez (something with a GS in the title I believe!). I started the track over a year ago but my work flow is such that I might put a basic idea into a project and then leave it for quite a while. I come back to unfinished projects when I have time and play around with new ideas. When I get stuck on a song, I usually put it down for a while and come back to it. In total I probably have about 20-30 hours on that song though. A fair amount is experimenting though. The drums are stock kits in Jamstix 3.


I’m hearing muddiness in the lower mids, old strings on rhythm gtrs? but cool song nonetheless.

Hey, anyone who writes in 5/4 gets my respect! :slight_smile:

Nice work!