My GA5 Browse Panel Looks Like It's MISSING Things

I’ve been watching alot of Groove Agent tutorials recently, some published within the last 2 weeks and the GUI / filter options seem drastically different from my version even in the super recent videos. Is this normal? Seems like my version is missing all the bottom row functionality that should be part of the Browse panel’s top portion… such as being able to filter by MIDI files vs audio samples. I really don’t like that i can’t seem to be able to do this and other features that are/were in that area. Did something happen?


What I am seeing in tutorials, even super recently:

Side note: It also looks like I can search for instruments that have nothing to do with drums or percussion. Which I really don’t like as it just creates more stuff in a drop down. If I’m in GA it’s because I’m interested in using drums & perc that’s it. Anyone else notice this?

It appears you have updated to 5.2.0, which caused issues for many users. Roll back to 5.1.20 if you want the old browser design. 5.2.0 added the new media bay browser, which isn’t that ergonomic for this purpose it seems. The missing kits was also a thing, which has been discussed here for a week or two since the release.

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I don’t understand what you mean with “missing the bottom row functionality […] such as being able to filter by MIDI files vs audio samples”.
This functionality is located at the top of the old and the new browser, or am I wrong?
I do not see features/UI elements that are missing in the new browser compared to the old. The layout is different, but that’s it in my understanding.