My Groove Agent SE wants licence

Hello everyone.
I have been used Cubase Elements 9.5 for 5 years. It includes Groove Agent SE too. But today, Steinberg Download Center updated something in my Cubase an then ı opened the Cubase and tried to play the drums which I wrote them yesterday with Groove Agent SE, something appeared that “It does not have any licence” . I feel really bad that I don’t use my Groove Agent SE again. Please help me.

You can see in this image that my Cubase included Groove Agent SE.

Please restart your computer and if the issue persists, please take a screenshot of the error message you’re getting.

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I did it bur it happened again.

…and what happens when you follow the prompt and open the Activation Manager?

It says like that.

Please note that Groove Agent SE 5 was introduced with Cubase 10. To use it, you must update to a newer version of Cubase.

If you wish to continue using Cubase 9.5, you should reinstall Groove Agent SE 4. You can do that by running the full installer for Cubase Elements 9.5, which can be downloaded from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

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Is it still free? Or Have I buy it?

Groove Agent SE is free with Cubase, your version of Cubase is just too old for GA SE 5. All you have to do is uninstall Groove Agent SE 5 and then run the full installer for Cubase Elements 9.5 to reinstall the right version.

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Thank you so much. I deleted teh files which came from Steinberg Cubase Assistan like(groove agent se5 and Holion 7) and reinstall my Cubase 9.5 and I think it works. Thank you so much.