My guitar is too hot for the UR22C

Hello everyone,
I tested it with several different guitars and what I found is that my signal sometimes gets clipped even if I turn input gain all way left. It’s most frustrating when I feel like recording the track of my life feeling the spirit of the music but afterwards I see that some peaks got clipped. Further takes are always worse
Is it possible to get this issue fixed with firmware update? Or maybe there is an option to get hardware fix from Steinberg?

How do you have your guitar connected to your interface? Is is straight in or do you run it through some kind of preamp first?

Maybe you need to use a limiter? Just wondering.

Yeah, what are you doing? Micing an amp? Going through some sim pedal(s)? How are you recording - app/DAW, bit depth, etc.

And, can’t you lower the signal going in to the UR22C? Put an inline pad in the mic, if it doesn’t have a switched one?

Hi guys,
Sorry for missing important information. I run my guitar directly into UR22C input 2 with Hi-Z enabled. I record DIs and then process them with Helix Native.

What happens if you disable Hi-Z? Do you have active pickups?

I have passive DiMarzio Breed. Disabling Hi-Z makes the sound more dull and cuts some highs so it solves the problem but with major cons for the sound.

That’s certainly odd. I mean with Hi-z off, most of my instruments don’t register the slightest signal for me to hear, let alone make out differences in timbre. And you say it happens with more than one instruments.

Sorry for asking the obvious, but have you checked if maybe the ur22c’s fx are being recorded unknowingly? Maybe some clean gain from Guitar Amp Classics??

If not that, there could be something going on with the interface? I really don’t know.

The sound changes indeed because of the impedance. But is there no PAD switch ? I have the UR816C and there are PAD switches down turn down the input by 20dB.

Unfortunately UR22C does not have a PAD switch. Moreover it’s all about 2db maybe 4db. 20db PAD would weaken the signal too much.

But then you can adjust again with the gainpot. Really weird there’s no pad switch.

You’re right.