My guitar sound doesn't come out

Hi everyone, i’m newbie

I use windows 7, ur 22, nuendo 6, headphone and electric guitar. Is this the right settings?please help beacuse the guitar sound didn’t come out.
At Nuendo :
In device setup already with yamaha steinberg usb asio. All visible and active.
Vst connections, output stereo
Vst connections, input stereo
Project > add track > audio > count 1, mono and M

At UR22
+48 V off
input 2 Hi Z pressed
guitar cable at second connector
headphone connected

Please help I think this is kind a beginners problem…big thanks

got the UR22, too and use guitar with it, but on Cubase( but it´s similar). what happend if you create one mono audio track and going to route the input in?

everything what you use is the right setting and will always be that. :wink:


thx for the tips…I had it tried but still no sign and to be honest till now im still confused with the settings. So i created probablities from changing one by one (vst input,vst output, vst studio, track, inspector bus in, inspector bus out). the results is 56 combination with no sound guitar… :cry: (wanna ripp my hair off :astonished: )

If there’s more suggestions I’ll be glad to take it and try it. Untill then I’ll take it slow…

one question: does a signal come in into the UR22 dircetly, so that 1. you can see that it clip over, when you override the volume knob of the related channel(left or right in) to right and 2. you can hear a signal through the direct-out headphones output. if this is, we could detect, that´s not a fault or issue of the UR22-audio-interface.

Unfortunetaly no and no…

Unfortunetaly no and no…

when you cant even observe these things on your UR22, than your UR22 is damaged. why we think about than where the problem is? or did i misunderstood. … where did you bought the interface, new or already used before? hit me, when i´m wrong…

It was brand new. i forgot the receipt. somewhere at melbourne. or my laptop went wrong? i dont know. the specs fullfilled the requirements. probably i was wrong at the device setting. im not very get along with computer n electronics anyway…

Nobody here, is this, we just try to survive. :wink:

but do your UR22mkII receive audio-signals, when you attach a guitar or microphone on the audio-face and turn the related volume-knob at full power?

Process of elimination. If your audio interface isn’t even registering an input, your fault is not inside Cubase or the PC. Either it is the wire, the guitar output or the input on the audio interface.

it’s not that your Guitar sound wont come out… it’s your Guitar sound isn’t even going in.

@ raz
i turned at max. didnt see any signs.
@ mitch
the wire is good. i tested on my amp and was good.

kinda torn…

question. is it ok to plug in guitar without the amp?and phantom power needed only if the mic is on right?

~trying with patiently~

when you attach your URmkII to the computer, will the white USB-lamp at middle top of the interface showing on? 2. does a sound came out, when you connect your guitar to an amplifer, on the amplifier (or done on any other device, f. e. interface you got)?

the lamp is white. guitar with amp the sound is good. guitar with amp with headphones the sounds is good. guitar with amp with ur22 and headphone : no sound no signal.

i use only ur.

ok, your guitar isn´t destroyed. for first this is a good sign. that the white lamp is white is also a good sign, the casualty of an hardware issue is going to go less. how is your signal path you connect your guitar to an amplifier, and than to the ur22,right or did i misunderstood? so the problem is anywhere on the input or the transport in the ur22. maybe there´s an hardware issue, but its only imagination for now, did you put hi-z and phantom power now really off?, connect the guitar solo to the ur22, turn to max., even then no signal? listen through the direct out- headphones output, also at maximum, can you hear anything, when you play guitar? if even there´s a signal not yet, than your ur22 is damaged.

I think im gonna go with hardware issues. 'cos already connect my guitar cable on input 2 hi z on (i tried my guitar with or without an amp), headphones full, gain full, phantom off…there is no signal sign even a bit.

if theres a good news i’ll announce it happily…

thx raz

where and how did you´ve bought the UR22 (used or new)? In your case, i would prepare everything you got to get in touch with the guarentee. Next step, i would do in this situation, is to contact the Yamaha or the Steinberg technical support( but more Yamaha, because they´ve had build this device). that seems more and more to be the only resolution. collect any bills and marks together, so that the support can handle with the related informations.

ok thx