My harp glissando broke

Anyone able to guess why this isn’t playing properly? I’m hearing only the target notes; nothing plays between the four dotted notes.

Other glissandi in my score play properly (though they aren’t cross-staff). No playback suppression is enabled for any of the notation.

Were the glissandi selected when you unchecked Properties > Common > Suppress playback?

Another thought - could it be affected by the C naturals and G natural not being in the pedalling diagram? To test this, select everything and add a sharp to them ( press" = " ).

Their playbacks were never suppressed in the first place. I’ve double-checked; the “Suppress playback” switch is off for all notes and glissandi.

I gave that a shot. No change, still no glissando playback. (My key signature is F# Maj, by the way.)

That’s strange. When I made them into sharps, the glissandi played.

If I limit the notation to a single staff, the glissandi play back just fine.

This is weird. I’ve had cross-staff harp glissandi play correctly, before.

Try copying and pasting one that works (edit the notes, of course) and see if that helps.

In the attached file, it works for me. Key of F# Major, pedals set as you have.

gliss.dorico (417.0 KB)

The only other thing that I can think of is that the C’s and G might actually be C and G natural but with the accidental hidden (Properties > Notes and Rests > Accidental > Hide).

Thanks, Steven, your Dorico file does indeed play back just fine.

Weird. I’m going to try pasting it into my score, see if it works. If it doesn’t, I’ll isolate the glissandi in my broken score and save it off. (Perhaps someone will be willing to open it and diagnose it.)

EDIT: Pasting it into my score broke it. No more glissandi playing back.
Here’s my Dorico file: harp_gliss.dorico (504.9 KB)

Actually, I just figured it out. Was happening because the separate staves of the harp were assigned to different playback channels. I’m not sure how that happened, but setting them to the same channel fixed the problem. Thanks for trying to help me, Steven.

Good. Glad you got it working.