My horns are not condensing

Hello, I have asked this before, but don’t recall the explanation.
I have Horn players, who have to change crooks to play Horn in D, Horn in Eb, Horn in A, Horn in F, Horn in G:

For some reason, only the first instruments (Horn inD) condense nicely, all other give me two straight systems. No way to handle this, even not with manual condensing. Is this a feature, which is still absent - or am I thinking the wrong way, how to handle these instruments?

Only the first instrument held by a player can be condensed, I’m afraid.

The answer’s the same as the last time you asked, here:

The limitation that Dorico can only condense the first instrument held by a player is documented here: Condensing calculations and considerations

Daniel’s asserted that the developers are hoping to relax this limitation at some point, here: Condensed staff with "Allow instrument changes" disabled not showing music of doubling player - #4 by dspreadbury

Thank you Lillie and Leo for the confirmation that this is still expected behaviour.
I will make 10 different Players and give them each one Horn (with it’s singular pitch/crook) and combine each 5 players into one Layout.
That should work out (even if it feels it’s against the “Dorico way” of Players holding Instruments).
[edit] I even need 12 players, as I just discovered. there are also horns in C…
Anyway, trying to add these horn players after having done most of the inputting of 24 flows seems impossible. I fought the application for two hours yet, without success. After a while Dorico just stalls (it does not crash) but prevents saving or any other changes. I was trying to rename added horn players but did not get far. I have to force quit Dorico a couple of times and try again. The diagnostic report reads as follows:
Dorico (3.1 MB)

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