My humble and simple wishlist

So here is it:

  • Please bring back the undo-function in the Key Editor.
  • Please bring back the home/end function in the Mixer.
  • Please give us more mixdown options for Video export.
  • Please let there be an option to queue all Midi-tracks on export. Not only the outputs of the
    Vst-instruments ( If there is, please let me know!).
  • Please remove bug when dragging audio into Cubase it switches to Desktop.

Shouldn´t be too hard. Anyone agree?



I agree with this, such a PITA!

hi Floris

All good suggestions.

It might be worth splitting these out into individual posts - the new forum software allows people to vote on feature requests. It’s also worth tagging the posts with ‘feature request’ - I’ve added that tag to this post so you can see how it works.

See this post here for details

Thanks! Will do…


the ability to make a mouse click, middle mouse click and combinations (like with a trackball) ASSIGNABLE as key for a key command, that would be awesome :slight_smile:


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Hey Joachim, that sounds great!