My 'I must be too old for this game' moment

I’m sure I’m finally losing the plot.

I’ve added a BFD2 VSTi drum instrument track to the Project screen and activated a lot of stereo and mono outputs in the app which are present on the MixConsole in the order that the outputs are listed on the ‘Activate Outputs’ list of the BFD2 VSTi section on the right of the screen - so all stereo outputs first then the mono outputs.

These are not in the order that I want them on the MixConsole and control surface, but I can not rearrange them because the audio channels are not showing up on the Project screen.

If I add an audio track to the Project screen it shows up on the MixConsole, so why are these VSTi tracks not on the Project screen?

All the audio is working as expected.

They may be nested in a VSTi folder or folders that is by default reduced to a sliver.

I don’t have Nuendo in front of me right now, but try enabling and disabling automation in the mixer (no need to write any automation data) for the channels that don’t appear in the project window.
That’s what I used to do for the master channel in older versions for it to appear in the project window.

Thanks for the suggestions chaps.

I am definitely TOOOO old!

Problem solved - The difference between Track VSTi and Rack VSTi.

Duh :blush: