My license does not appear in Steinberg Activation Manager, try to grace period from cubase 11 to 12

Hello everyone, I would love to help upgrade to Cubase 12.

I updated to version 11 on November 26th and it was written that there will be an upgrade to version 12 for free as soon as it comes out.
I’ve been trying to upgrade for a few days and it doesn’t work … Everything is up to date with me but I get an error in eLCC while I try to do Mainteance as listed on the site.

My license also does not appear in the Steinberg Activation Manager so I can’t do a Grace Period Check…
I also did not receive any further email either as I saw here in some posts … I do not know what to do :frowning:

I don’t have a fix for you but thought it made sense to make sure you read this: