My life would be easier if I could just get 1 answer outof 6

1- When using Variaudio, selecting a note used to play it back in C5, now it’s only playing back when i move the note up or down. Is it still possible to hear a note just by selecting it ?

2- C7 crashes almost everytime after bouncing. The bounce is right but C7 freezes as soon as the bounce is done. could it be the souncard ? I have a fireface 400 and running on windows 7.

3- in C5, I made “E” as a keycommand for opening the “edit channel setting”. It works when I’m in the project but not when I have a midi or audio part open. (it used to work in C5) am i missing something in the preferences ?

4- when i click on a slot in the send section (with an aux activated), C5 use to open up that plugin I’m sending to. Is it possible to set that back up ?

5-up and down arrows keep changing my inserts when i try to navigate in my project. how do I turn it off ?

6-C5 used to tell me what chords are being played in the midi editor’s info line. Can i turn tha back on without getting in the chord track feature ?

Than you :slight_smile:

Let’s start with the crash since that seems to be the most serious issue. Before C7, was C5 on this same system? Mac or PC? What is the error you receive when the crash occurs?

By “bounce”, do you mean that you are going to Audio, Bounce, or doing an Export, Audio Mixdown, or using the Freeze function? Are you doing this with a key command or selecting from the menu?

I’m on win7 64 bit. C5 was on a different system.

By bounce, I mean audio mixdown export. I’m using a keycommand yeah, but I just tried to go through the menu and same results. C7 freezes, i can click on anything in the project window and nothing happens, I have to force quit each time. Thank god I have a SDD drive so it opens back up pretty quick but still …

What are you L and R locators set to in the project? If you change the save location to your Desktop and save the file as “steinberg test 1” with a 44.1 khz 16 bit .wav file, do you get the same error?

Hey Chris, I tried to bounce in wav and had no problem. It seems that only mp3 bounces make C7 crash.
I was always boucing to my desktop and tried to bounce somewhere else and it was fine, even with mp3.

I like to bounce to my desktop so i have fast access to the latest bounces.
Is there anyway to fix it ?

Thank you for your help

#6 pg 485 in the manual Current Chord Display. Needs to be activated in the info line

#4 - in C7 you can right-click on the send name and from a small drop-down menu select “Edit -your FX plugin- settings” - it opens the first plugin on that FX channel.

Please update your eLCC from
You are running Cubase 7, not Cubase Artist 7, correct?
What version and build do you have installed (Help, About)?

Well, for now, if it’s not too obvious a solution, Export as wav rather than MP3 :slight_smile: Sure, it’s a bigger file. So what?

I’ll be interested to hear if updating the licence software makes a difference. But don’t you only get a limited number of MP3 Exports before the free trial runs out? Why bother? Once a project is finished and mixed, if you really want to degrade it to MP3 there are plenty of free methods.

@ Mr M: Thank you :slight_smile:

@Stereolost: I see the dropdown menu but not the edit option. I see :deactivate send, move to prefader,copy send…but not edit

@Chris Dobbs: I did update the elicencer and still the same. I noticed one thing though. It only crashes when I bounce to a different drive from where the project is. My projects are on my 1TB HB and i bounce on my desktop which is my sdd

@Laurence Payne: It’s actually faster to force quit and reopen rather than converting the wavs into mp3s afterward

Are all of the drives Mac OS Journal or are some FAT32 or NTFS?

My session are stored on regular HD. and I’m bouncing on a sdd
both are NTFS.

Just to clarify, if the project is on one drive, and you bounce it to that Drive, there is no error, correct?

If you take the resulting file and move it in the Operating System to the other drive, do you get an error?

Are you using a RAID or any other unique way of connecting the drives?