My miracle of the week: Mono disguised as stereo

Maybe it’s because I’ve been awake for more than 30 hours. But since when does a mono track become a stereo track when exported? :man_shrugging:
As long as the track is routed directly to a single output (e.g. the “centre” on a 7.1 bus), it will be saved as mono. But if the track is routed to a stereo group channel, then the export will create a “stereo file” (a WAV file with 2 channels). Was that always the case? I don’t see the point. I want to export the single track explicitly. And that is mono. Otherwise I would choose the group track if I wanted stereo.

Perhaps someone can enlighten me before I fall asleep from exhaustion. (And not wake up for the next 20 hours. :wink:) Thanks. :heart:

I have just seen this: The mono channels I sent to a 5.1 group track were exported as a 6-channel file. Seriously? :flushed:

What do you mean when you say “export”? The “export audio mixdown” dialog? Something else?

Seems like possible user error.

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Yes, that’s by design. It’s always the routing target that defines the mixdown’s channel width.

… maybe you’re actually expecting the “Render In Place” behaviour …? Provided the settings were chosen properly you should get the desired results with this command.

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If you want Mono from a stereo output then the options are varied. Either sum the 2 channels in another application or create a child output for either one of the 2 channels in the Output settings tab. If you have actual mono sources on the timeline it would not matter which output you use (left or right).

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Thank you for your answers. :green_heart:

Yes, I mean the “Export Audio Mixdown dialogue”. :blush:

Almost. I want to make mono out of a mono track. :slightly_smiling_face:

But that’s pointless, isn’t it? If I select a single mono channel in the channel selector in the audio mixdown, then of course I want to export it in mono. Otherwise I would select an appropriate group channel or output channel.

I finished the last two projects in Sequoia, but I could swear that the behaviour in Nuendo was different for the last project: a mono track was exported as mono in the export dialogue, if “Interleaved” was selected. I admit that my memory is no longer the best. I noticed this when I returned to Sequoia and couldn’t remember half of the shortcut commands. (It was the same when I returned to Nundeo for the new project). Could I really be so wrong?
On our last project in Nuendo, I kept exporting individual tracks to mono on an Atmos mix so that I could encode them in the DME to a TrueHD with Atmos track. (For the QC.) And these were all tracks routed to group tracks with a channel count greater than mono. I would have noticed if they had all been stereo or 7.1 files (instead of mono).

And are you selecting “source” audio tracks on the left or are you talking about output buses?

Also check the “effects” settings in the dialog:

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