My Monitoring problem with Cubase 7.5 + UR44

My first post here, and I joined this forum to ask these questions…

I migrated to a UR44, from a Presonus 1818VSL, a few weeks ago. With the Presonus, I was able to keep the track record enabled while monitoring through the hardware (and its “mix console” or whatever), and the talent is heard at all times, all previously recorded tracks are heard at all times… everything is always heard and it is kind of necessary for my work flow.

Now when I have to work from within Cubase using direct monitoring -

  • Manual - I cannot hear the contents of the track I’m recording on while leading into an overdub. Singer needs to hear the previous lines before overdubbing.

  • While Record Enabled - As above.

  • While Record Running - I cannot hear the artist during playback until the recording starts, and this is a problem - many times the artiste is trying to tell me something before the take (like perhaps he needs another rehearsal), and I have to stop playback in order to hear what he is saying. Speaking of which I cannot rehearse without recording, in this mode.

  • Tape Machine Style - As above.

Bottom Line - I am unable to figure out how I can hear all things at all times. Right now I’m managing around it by keeping the “Manual” setting and recording into one track and immediately transferring it to another, so that the singer can hear the previous lines before overdubbing.

Am I missing something here?? How can I hear all things at all times?

I would be really comfortable if I could use the DspMixFx thing outisde Cubase - like I have done for years, with my previous interfaces…

EDIT: Here is somebody who has faced related problems.

It is a severe pain for me too, that I have to disable direct monitoring when I want to hear live insert effects. Also the setting of whether “headphone 2” gets the cue mix or the main mix does not get saved with my project (in Cubase 7.5) - it resets to main mix every time I close the project…

I find it really ironic that Steinberg’s hardware works more intuitively with non Steinberg software, and everybody else’s hardware works more intuitively with Steinberg’s software. I think this should be remedied ASAP.

Steinberg! Please make the mix console available from outside Cubase!

Thanks for any responses,

Jai Shankar.

Click on the Monitor Icon (small loudspeaker symbol, usually found next to the record icon) to turn monitoring on.