My New MIDI Controller Has Arrived - Nektar Panorama P6

So I’m rather excited to have this new controller arrive. :mrgreen:

I purchased Cubase 7 in June, so imagine my surprise to find that this can be integrated with Cubase/Nuendo?

Especially when I have been wanting to upgrade my older 37 key controller to a 61 key for a few years now.

This is called Panorama P6 from Nektar.

That slider/fader on the far left is motorized! :smiley:

There’s also 2 jacks for pedals - one for sustain & another for expression, although they say assignable, but those 2 will work for me just as is.

Check it out!

It has the ability to control many VSTs as evident on their site, with plans to add more:

VST Instruments so far:

VST FX so far: