My new Nektar SE 25 is just a tad out of tune


Am exploring my new Nektar SE25 midi keyboard and its seems great however it is a tiny tad out of tune with everything already tracked.
Am trying bells in Halion Sonic SE 1 for a Christmas effect but they are out just enough to be annoying :slight_smile:
Would one tune up the device or is it done in CB ?




Make sure you are not sending Pitch Bend data to Cubase, please.

As an add-on to what Martin suggests (or maybe what he is suggesting) make sure the pitch bend wheel isn’t engaged. It’s easy to accidentally do on the Nektar controllers, have done it myself in the past so that everything is out of tune.

The controller itself will not be out of tune.

Thank you guys. I will check that.

Yes I’m sure the device is fine, if it’s not the pitch bend, maybe a setting I have. I
ll look into it further.

Well finally got time to get back here to thsi.

I contacted Nektar support and they suggested I reset the device which I did, and whammo… all good.

Not sure why it happened but it’s fine now which is the main thing.

Many thanks guy for the help.

Glad you got it sorted and thanks for returning with the solution in case anyone else has a simuilar problem in the future.