My new rock ballad stuff~~ plz check this out

This is the song I re-recorded for my band: The Cen
The song is called: Nightmare(악몽)
Please don’t pause or stop this song before it shows the 2nd chorus parts :slight_smile:
I hope you can enjoy this song!!

I really enjoyed the first 2 minutes and mix but the change at that point is a too drastic for me. I am never crazy about any mix where I have to reach for the volume knob while listening and I had to reduce the volume by 30% in order to listen till the end of tune, if I have to do that I generally stop listening :frowning: Really great acoustic playing and vocals but might want to consider the placement of electric guitar in mix and possibly drums
I know I am sticking my neck out here but, as loud as possible is not always best in Mastering…Just my opinion but great track

Fantastic singing and very nice guitar picking but you’ve definately fallen into the loudness trap in the 2nd half of the song, sort the dynamics out and you’ve got a really great track there…Kevin

Nice song, good performance and as previously stated, the vocal and acoustic work in the first half are well performed and have good brilliance.
I see what you were trying to do with your dynamics in the second half. I think it would be better presented if you rolled back 4-7k on the rhythm electric guitar. I like to listen to others originals at a good volume but it’s mostly the guitar that overtook everything because that frequency range I mentioned blares through, also causing me to back the volume down significantly. The drums are strong which is ok as I think you preferred them that way for this mix. You may consider squashing them a bit with your compressor which will keep their power but will even the peaks. Might be a good idea to do the same to the electric guitar after you roll off the frequencies that overcut.
It’s a great song with great vocal performance so please give us a remix. :slight_smile: