my new song " CIRCUS " welcome to taste...

Hi everybody!

here is my new song called " Circus "
I never played in that style of music before, i was playing my guitar in my little home studio, suddenly i did that riff from where i decided to make my new song.i cant say if it electro-funk or what is exactly… i thought it is circus where everyting can be and everything can happen ,so here is, welcome to listen

guitars and bass were recorded real, other sounds from C7

any opinion welcom

it’s got a nice groove!

Good instrumental…another eclectic mix from you, nice work…Kevin

Yeah, nice groove indeed. The delay adds a nice rhythm to the guitar, though I think it’s a touch too loud in the mix for my tastes. When the instrument at 0:30 comes in makes me feel like playing Streets of Rage for the megadrive. The hook is cool, would be pretty catchy on a videogame methinks. Cool stuff.

BIG Thanks guys for all of your feedbacks and your opinions. I very appreciate it.

Jonathan5456 - probably you are right about loudness , but i really tryed to make everything well balanced, but after mixing hours and hours, ears start to loose perception and all the time seems like missing something or i must add more comression or add more eq here and there, and when i listen all mix next day - i say - all sounds like “badword” , i have to do all mix again.And when i comeback next day i say then - that part is good enough, we can leave it like that, but another part is rubbish and i do not like it, so i start to mix again days and nights.
To me mixing is a hardest part.
I have read few very good books about mixing, i watched a lot of tutorials about how to mixing audio in macprovideo and theoretically " i’m ready to mix any song " , but when i starting to mixing my stuff - i feel myself totally lost as if i do it first time. :confused:
So i keep working hard and try to do as good as i can.

My best regards!