My next dream

Hello Steinberg
maybe I am too lazy, or anything …
I miss some featueres they can be helpful and save time
First is a Flip button, second send on fader, and maybe a matrix, and maybe some buttons with
the possibility to have a mute group and a group with all the tracks I want to have in it?
Little bit as on a Midas Pro.
Thank you

already mentioned… it is a DAW and is completely different organised… and the tasks have different priority…
you should try a hardware controller like the Nuage



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Nuage is clear, but around 18.000€ for 32 buttons :slight_smile: put on a Ipad II with Lemur 125€
its a small difference.
I used to work with a sytem 144Tracks direct access to the most useful parameters
with one touch.
The costs of this system 2500€
This in Nuage 48000€ but not 144 tracks
to have this Userbuttons this can be nice, and maybe a point of selling,to have a DAW in range of price small budget user can also afford.( I am sure my english is horrible, pardon for this)