My Novation Launchkey mini does not work with MidiRemote

Hallo liebe Cubaser,
habe mir das Update auf Cubase12 gekauft und wollte jetzt gerne die neuen Midi-Remote-Funktionen nutzen. Leider habe ich dabei kein Glück:


Vielen Dank für Tipps

Looking at your video, you have two controllers attempting to use the same port.

If you are creating a surface from scratch for the Launchkey mini, you need to disable the original LKMini if it’s using the same port. Otherwise, Cubase doesn’t know which controller instance is sending or receiving MIDI data.

To disable the first instance of LKMini, open the MIDI remote manager and click " Show Script Info". Then press " disable controller script". The controller will disappear. Then press “Enable controller script” so you can start from scratch by pressing the big + button on the MIDI Remote home page.