My only 2.0 request

Hi Cubasis team,

I already thoroughly enjoy Cubasis 1.9.x as is. I only have one tiny request (both as an AU developer and as a user) for the upcoming 2.0 release…

Currently Cubasis stops processing Audio Units when it thinks they’re idling (presumably to save some CPU cycles). This effectively mutes the plugins. However, some (at least my own) Audio Units (Ruismaker and Ruismaker FM) trigger sounds from their own GUI for auditioning patches during sound design. This doesn’t work while Cubasis doesn’t process their audio and results in a nasty loud bang the moment it starts doing so again.

It would be great if this “auto-disable” of audio unit processing is removed or can be switched off.



Hi Bram,

Have sent you a message with my Steinberg contact to discuss the topic directly.