My Own Samples are protected

So I successfully created my own HALion instrument , registered the vst preset and added it to the Steinberg library manager. It showed up in the Halion and halion sonic media bay areas and all was well.
I have since tried to continue working on my vst instrument and now it says that the samples are protected. I do not remember checking the option to protect my macro or anything else. These samples are my own that I recorded in cubase from an old synth.
At this point I am wondering what else can go wrong. I have found no information on line about this and without the final video of the Taped Vibes series I am fighting a loosing battle.

Hi @windbag

Are you trying to edit the samples that are in the vstsound file?

When does it say the samples are protected?

If you need or want to make changes to your library you need to edit the original samples or other assets and build the library again. When you do this increase the version number so that the new library version automatically replaces the old one when registered.

Thanks for your help. I fully admit that I don’t really know what I am doing - but I was able to do it successfully once.
The screen shots below show me creating a Library called NewSquidApril2 ( which does not later show up in Media bay even when everything is selected). I did create a VST and register it. The resulting file was small and should have been much larger if the samples were included. I tried to export the samples separately and received the error that they were protected. I then raised the revision number and the error was the same.

Where do you keep your samples? Do you use onedrive folder to store your presets and samples? That’s not a good idea.

In your library creator screenshot there is nothing except empty samples folder. You can use multiple vstsound containers for the same library and put sample content in one of them but you should probably edit your original library and not create new one.

I think you are right. Somehow my desktop got synced to Onedrive and I dragged the samples from my desktop into my project. When I reloaded the samples from another directory the Protection error went away. Thanks for your help! I will continue to work through this.