My own Template

I save a score as Template. The fonts, I saved are all Petaluma.
When I open the template, I choose Petaluma for notation and Text. The the score opens, for a little Moment I see the score with Petaluma. Then the fonts change to another Font.

What am I doing wrong?

If you start your template from the Create New page of the Hub, then the settings on the right-hand side, including for Music font and Text font will still be applied, whether you choose a built-in template or one of your own. If you don’t want those settings on the right-hand side to be applied, instead use the File > New From Template menu to choose your project template.

An interesting question regarding this appeared in the German forum: it’s not possible to change the staff spacing when opening a template from the hub. I assume that is because it was already defined in the template. I just wonder why it’s possible to change the music font via the hub, a thing that I personally consider being less likely to be changed when deciding to go for a template, compared to staff size.

It’s an interesting point. Perhaps we ought to disable the Music font and Text font controls when opening a user-defined template as well. I’ll think about it.

Or perhaps just a “default for template” option on the fonts?

Best would be an Option: “Use template fonts.”