My PC sound's messed up after opening Cubase 5

So I had Cubase 5 on Windows 10 and everything worked fine before, but I reinstalled my Windows and after that, something went wrong.

This is what it was like before:
When I open Cubase 5, it takes priority off my Windows (Windows Media Player, Youtube…) sounds and only sound that comes out of my Presonus FP10 & Alesis monitors is what is playing in Cubase 5, all other (PC sounds) sounds come out of little speaker inside my TV LG monitor. After I shut down Cubase, all PC sounds come back to my Presonus FP10/Alesis monitor and all sound comes out of them, TV LG monitor stops doing that job then.

And this is what it is like now, after I reinstalled Windows 10:
When I opened Cubase 5, it again took priority off my Windows sounds BUT after I shut it down, PC sound didn’t come back to my sound card/monitors but stayed on my TV monitor and continued playing from there.
I went to Device Setup in Cubase 5 and checked “Release driver when application is in background” but it still doesn’t fix the problem, it only disables sound from Cubase when it put it in background and continues playing when I opet it again…
I checked my Windows Sound playback and of course, it is my Presonus sound card through Alesis speakers set as always. I can’t seem to find the solution for this anywhere on the internet. Please help, if anyone had anything similar happen to them, or if you know what to do.

Thank you so much.