My plugins are showing differently in 9.5

Since I got 9.5 my plugins are a little more disorganized than in 9 for example my waves folder would show under Waves, now they are just spread out into the sections, such as Dynamics, bass etc?? Any ideas? Other plugins still show under manufacturer names so its not a global setting. Its kind of annoying.

Secondly how do i get my project templates over from 9 is it possible? I know moving my RAMPresets file brings my groove templates over but it didnt bring anything else.

Lastly my settings and routings, anyway to bring these over?

Thanks v


In the Studio > VST Plug-in Manager, click to the User Collections button (most right one on top). Here you can select to Sort by Category (what is default, and it seems is your current settings) or Sort by Vendor (what seems to be your preferable way).

Use Profile manager export/import to pull over settings and just manually copy your templates.

Thanks guys, im looking to see where the profile manager files are stored… Also does anyone know how to view user made key commands, i made some a while back and forget them now and cant find them :frowning: lol

foudn my key comands