My previous custom key commands that begin with control-option-command (on Mac) no longer work

I think this happened after a recent update - very strange. I’m wondering if something happened with the underlying architecture that now prevents these keys from being options for use at the start of key commands (such as “control-option-command-L” for “Lock Durations”, etc.)? I’ve tried re-creating them in the Key Commands window but it won’t allow me. Thanks for any help -

  • D.D.

I just tried to assign Control-Opt-Command-L to the About Dorico dialog and was able to do so with no problems. Perhaps you could attach your keycommands_en.json file so we can take a look at it?

Strange - it seems to be working now. Not sure what was going on - maybe I was inadvertently doing something wrong. I just remember that after an update they didn’t seem to be working, but by re-creating them they are “sticking” again so all is well…