My products not listed in Steinberg Download Assistant "My Products" panel

I am trying to understand how Steinberg Download Assistant is supposed to help me keep track of and maintain my purchased products. It does not appear to be user friendly - I cannot see in My Products what I have purchased/downloaded/licensed/registered/installed, except for a few items:

What I want to know is why are only these items shown in this view, when if I go to my account at, I can see many other products have been registered/licensed ?

Eg why is RnB Ballads there, but not Pop Guitar, which is the same type of product, and both are registered, downloaded and installed (as far as I can tell)? Why is none of the other stuff there?

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.


The SDA does not want to help you at all.
It’s going to take a few more years of development to get it to where you want it to be.


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It’s a brand new feature in the Download Assistant and not all existing products seem to be compliant with it it yet. I’d expect as more products are updated over time they will become compliant when released.

You can still access any product in its specific section - exactly the same as a few months ago when there was no My Products tab at all.


OK many thanks guys - just wanted to check that I wasn’t not doing something that I should be doing (or the reverse). I also didn’t realise that that section is relatively new.


I only see those products in the Steinberg Download Assistant for which I received a 25-digit download access code when I bought it.
All products for which I received a 32-digit activation code after purchasing, do not appear in the “My Products” area of the SDA, but only online in my “MySteinberg” account.

OK thanks. I don’t think that’s the case for me though - I bought some products with a mixture of download codes and activation codes recently and only one of those purchases is shown in “My Products”.

Hello everyone,
I realize that none of my products are listed in “My products” of the download assistant.
But I think this is not a problem. I can do the updates and all my products work normally. This option would be very useful in the future to see at a glance all the updates to be done.
We wish the developers good luck! :muscle:

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Yeah, Just discovered none of my products are showing up either.

I went to download Novel Piano today and it completely failed. They just updated my download assistant. No Novel Piano anywhere.

Then I noticed “my products” was not populated.

Too busy to sort it out now. If anybody has any clues let me know.

Just scroll down to the listing for a specific product. Everything thing Steinberg makes is available.

Thanks raino,
Maybe I’m confused about how Download assistant is supposed to work.
I’m just assuming intuitively that the “My Products” pane should be populated with the products that I own.

What’s more confusing is when I go to the hlep center online there is no category for “My products” on that page.

I have Version 1.23.1

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For the Redeemed Product portion It doesn’t entirely work. I presume it’s a work-in-progress, and that we’ll see more as the new licensing system rolls out.

A few things I own show on my system, but not all. Plus it includes trials.

Hi Steve. Thanks for your response.

I was at least expecting to see Cubase in there.
So I went to My Steinberg and discovered that there was nothing registered there either. Not even my current dongle.

eLicenser shows Cubase on my current dongle
(See the attachments.)

Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

hm… The USB key’s serial in the account doesn’t match the one on your key in the elc…

Only ever had one account. I’ve owned Cubase for 30 years.
I used eLicense control center to move my license to my new dongle a while ago which I assume would be vetted by and connected to my Steinberg account. But that shouldn’t erase my history.

This is confusing.

I would say, now, just use the elc to register the current USB key

Well there you have it !
It seems that elicenser managed to erase my previous authorizations on My Steinberg but did not send a registration for the dongle that I moved the license to.
I didn’t expect that.

My Steinberg account now has Cubase and my new dongle but download assistant still does not correlate. Maybe the two databases need to propagate. I’ll leave both online for a while and see what happens.

I really appreciate you taking the time to offer advice.

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This is the same for everybody. Nobody’s “My Products” list is correct.

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Ok. Good to know.
That makes me feel a little better.
I think.

I have some products but not all. Where do I download my miss absolute 4 for example. ? It’s not on download assistant and it’s not showing up in my products,? I can’t even do a manual download ? What a mess. Groove agent is also missing ? All programmes are on the e licences which I’ve registered ? I’m frankly fed up with this . Any body any help, I’ve also just spent the last hour trying to get authenticated, had to set that up to, after my recovery codes ran out, gee, I could’ve wrote a f###ing album in the time I’ve wasted.

Both the Absolute 4 Collection and the various flavors of Groove Agent should be available in the VST Instruments & Plugins section. If you’re not seeing them there, something isn’t right. Maybe uninstalling & reinstalling the Download Assistant will help. But you should be able to see & download every Steinberg product independent of whether you have purchased it or not. Of course you do need to buy them to actually use a product.

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