My project keeps on freezing and I don’t know why

Hey guys, I’m currently using Cubase 9.5 Pro.
I’m having problems with some of my projects because they keep on suddenly freezing while playing or exporting.
I thought it might be a hardware problem because of Omnisphere but I’m not seeing any peaks.

I’m using an i7 CPU and 32GB RAM.
Is there a possibility of a virus infection or are there any other things I should check.

This means nothing,
since i7’s are around since 10 years now and vary in performance

of course it is possible…

It is possible that some background processes disturb your audio engine

Your report is pretty vague so not much for us to try and help you with… That version was pretty stable for me…
You said some projects but not others? What do you think makes it happen a plugin maybe?
You can also try the program latencymon which is helpful for some analysis of windows processes. Google that I would suggest.

Other than that you can try some helpful setup guides…