My purchase of Steinberg UR44C is worth it?

Good Morning Friends, I use Windows 10 64 Bit PC.
After shortlisting audio interfaces to UR44C & TASCOM US 4X4 HR, I preferred UR44C and purchased and just now received the item.
After reading some problems with UR44C in this forum, I am afraid to use it. I have not yet opened the courier pack.
Shall I use UR 44C or return it and go to purchase something else from Steinberg, Please don’t mind for my doubts and fears as I am very new to this product, I have been using Cubase 5 software and M-Audio Fast Track C400 for the last 10 years and Fast Track C400 packed up. That is why I purchased UR44C now. Can I be happy purchasing Steinberg UR 44C, Please advise friends whether shall I start using UR 44C .

Yes, you can be happy with it…

A very short, but no-less accurate answer… :wink:

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Thanks Dear Steve. I hope all software guidelines must be in the box. I hope they must have given some full fledged Cubase version free. On 18th Sep I have one Stage musical concert so busy in writing musical notations and after that, I will open the pack and try UR 44C on 19th Sep morning. Any doubts or difficulties I will come back. Thankyou once again. Bye for now. :+1: :ok_hand: :pray:

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Thankyou. :pray: