my REC button got completely inactive - Cubase 5


I have a problem in Cubase 5.

When I do all the necessary setups for a new (or any) project to make recordings, the following happens:

  • I prepare my MIDI or Audio track to record.

  • I have all the signals, I have the monitoring, therefore I hear the sound of the instrument/VST plugin

  • I push the REC button (or * on the keyboard) and what happens is:

  • I hear the precount, then the cursor line starts running, and there is no recording happening at all.

  • as many times as I push on the REC button, a single line is generated on the selected track in the pool. But just for as long as a blink of an eye.

  • If there is a tempo track in the MIDI-mode, then it’s different: within two bars, the REC-pushings appear as many times as I push it, apporting the one-bar-field vertically to as many parts as many times I puhed.

But no recording happens.

I just can’t think of anything what that could be…

Has anyone have the same problem?
Any suggestions?

I’d appreciate any ideas!