My recordings sound all warbly

Hey there everyone. I am new to all this, but I will start off by clarifying I have read the manual three times, cover to cover, and I can’t fix my issue…

When I record my mic’d up electric guitar on a clean channel, everything is hunky-dory, no problems, no strange artifacts, etc. But as soon as I introduce any gain into the mix, it sounds not so much underwater, as it does like it has a phaser effect on it, which I don’t even own lol. This is becoming very, very frustrating, so any help would be awesome.

My rig rundown, if it is helpful at all, is:

Engl Savage 120
Egnater 4x12 w/v30’s
ESP Horizon
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
Mic is on a stand and have tried several different mic positions
All goes into my computer via USB

I am thinking about just switching to REAPER as the recordings don’t have this issue in that program, but REAPER has in insane amount of latency, which is just not ok.

Again, thanks for any help.

What do you mean by “as soon as I introduce any gain into the mix”?

Are you talking about more gain on the amplifier (as in more pre amp distortion/more output gain)? More gain on the interface input? More gain on the input bus in Cubase (BTW, you didn’t mention which version you are using)?

Any chance you can post an audio sample of the “hunky-dory” “clean channel” (do you mean clean channel on your amp?) vs. the “all warbly” one?

I haven’t the slightest idea on how to post clips yet sorry… But i am using Cubase LE6, came with the little bundle I bought.

The clean channel, on my amp, to be clear, sounds fine. Nice and crystaline, pretty, stuff that girlfriends like.

When I switch to the high gain stuff on my amp, then it gets all weird… I really wish I could describe it better, but, it really sounds almost like maybe something else is picking up the sound, and recording the recording, if that makes any sense? Sounds like a phaser effect is being ran, though it isn’t.


Are you using monitor speakers or headphones to track? Your mic isn’t picking up the sound from your monitor speakers as well as your amp, is it?

How loud do you have your amp cranked? Make sure the level on the input of the Focusrite is well below clipping.

Do you have something like a SoundCloud account where you could upload a couple of short clips and provide links?

Otherwise, I think you can attach small files directly to your post (I can’t remember what the size limit is) :neutral_face: .

:slight_smile: glad people found that funny lol.

I am using some headphones, and I am not clipping for sure. I balanced the gain on the interface that even when I’m “chugging” as the cool kids call it, it doesn’t cause anything to freak out.

I do have a soundcloud. Gimme juuuussst a few to record something real quick, and then toss it up. Thanks so much for the help!

here is a link to the quick and dirty track I did in Cubase just now, to help give you and idea of the sound issue… thanks!

Another thing I just realized actually, is it only exported about 16 seconds of over a minute riff… what gives? I clicked export media mixdown…

The mixdown length should be whatever you have your locators set to in your project.

I can hear what you are talking about. I’m not sure what to think. It’s definitely not Cubase’s inability to record distorted guitars :stuck_out_tongue: .

Are you using a mono or stereo track?

It’s strange that you say Reaper doesn’t have this problem. It almost has to be some type of setting in Cubase. And only with distorted guitar? :confused:

I’m not sure what else to suggest right now. Hopefully someone else will come along with some more ideas.

The only other thing I can think of is if you were running a direct line in as well as the mic.

Oh, BTW that acoustic guitar that played after your wall of distortion sounded really nice!

Thanks man!! I recorded it on my cell phone in the livingroom at like… 2 am or something lol.

I too find it odd that REAPER doesn’t have this issue… as far as a direct line in… I don’t… I have my cab Mic’d, and the mic goes to my Scarlett 2i2, which then has USB to my laptop…Honestly, I would just switch to REAPER if I could just quell the INSANE latency that program has… it is epicly bad… near a full second!

So, I switched from recording under “acoustic guitar/vocals” and set it up under an actual electric guitar… lol. what a difference haha.

However, now my recordings are suuuupppeerrrr bassy. I have the bass on my amp at zero. completely gone. Sounds horrible. But the recording still shows up pretty bassy, to where it muddles stuff together…

Are you saying you are using one of the included templates? :astonished:

Good God, who knows what all they have going on in those things as far as effects and whatnot.

You should really start a new project from scratch, get all your VST Connections and everything set up, then you can save that as your own template.

I knew there had to be something goofy going on.

Yeah… I didn’t know any better lol. I have had all this for less than 24 hours or something haha…

Well, it sounds like you have a basic understanding of DAW software and some decent gear to work with.

My suggestion would be to RTFM ( :mrgreen: ) before posting any more questions. Don’t take that the wrong way. I’m just playin’. Sort of.

Good luck to you!


I was feeling almost sick to my stomach from having the computer screen in my face for so long…

Feel I have a pretty solid grasp on things now. Still have some wrinkles to iron out, but that will come in time I think.

Thanks so much for the support!

You, sir, are truly of a rare breed. I have faith in you. :smiley:

People tend to get all bent out of shape when you mention anything about a manual. It won’t be long and you will be the one telling others to RTFM! :laughing:

i totally RTFM and just… and so beyond ready to walk away from trying to record lol. My recordings sound like ass. And not a nice ass either. People of Wal-Mart kind of ass. Here’s a clip:

I have moved the mic aaaallll over! Tweaked the amp to infinite and beyond, moved the speaker cab to different parts of the room, I have recorded in total and utter silence throughout the house, and this was the best I got.

wtf m8? I have pretty solid gear… Shouldn’t be sounding worse than a line6 POD…I have next to zero note definition. Sigh…

Try a little less preamp distortion. I have no idea what you are hearing coming out of your amp, or what kind of sound you are trying to achieve.

With that much distortion, note definition usually goes out the window.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that you are getting better results from your POD. I’ve never used one, but I know a lot of people like them.

Recording a big stage amp in a less than ideal environment might be more trouble than it is worth.

Have you tried any software amp sims? I use IK AmpliTube pretty regularly.

Keep in mind, also, that you are listening to a single guitar part. Once you combine that with other instruments, it is going to sound much different. You will just have to do some experimenting. Try playing around with a little EQ.

no no, I am NOT using a POD lol. I actually only have the gain on about 10 o clock actually, with medium output humbuckers… on channel 3 of my amp, and not channel 4… I have a lot of gain on tap lol.

I have tried all sorts of eqing over the last couple of days. What I posted, is the best I have been able to get…