My s49 Mk1 Komplete Kontrol 1.9 Automatic Track Focus doesn't work


Here are the steps how to restore broken KK VSTi autofocus.

I uploaded 2 pictures with 3 steps from @Arnaud88 for all
like me who needs a bit more to understand. I tryed it and
it works also for broken projects and repaire them:)

  1. step is right click on upper right corner of KK VSTi Plugin and select “Remote Control Editor”
    2 and 3 step is click on refreshing arrow to get default factory setting + not forget Apply button.
  2. Test to change between instances of KK VSTi , autofocus should work!
  3. save your project.
  4. Of corse if you are using some user templates repair them too not to get in troubles again:)

Big Thank to @Arnaud88

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